The majority of the curriculum we use for our Preschool and Elementary classes is through Bob Jones University .  BJU's approach to Christian education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable.  Bob Jones University materials have been developed and refined sense 1927. 

Pure phonics is taught in our four-year old kindergarten through the primary grades.  This proven program provides the basis for superior reading skills. Students will read a variety of literature and increase in both comprehension and critical thinking skills.  Students will also study proper grammar along with creative and lifetime writing skills. Average students, using our program, test in  reading 1 to 3 years above the National Average.

 Bible study begins each day.  All Bible study carefully avoids doctrinal controversy.  However, each student is encouraged to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and to memorize many of the great spiritual truths and Bible verses.

 Arithmetic has a high priority with emphasis on the basic functional skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Mathematical concepts are introduced to students, with them gradually learning and moving into the higher levels of abstraction.  Math, with its absolutes and order, helps show us a God of absolutes and order.  Students are encouraged to learn and master these truths rather than create truths of their own.

 Penmanship skills are taught as coordination is developed. Handwriting (cursive) is begun at the 2nd grade level.  This has proven to be a great advantage in developing legibility and beauty as the skill increases.

 Science is taught stressing the Laws of Nature rather than the theories of man.  The Bible, of course, is the most accurate science book.  Whenever facts are stated in the text book, they are completely accurate.

 History rounds out the basic academic needs of the students. Patriotism is inspired through the curriculum.  Worldwide missions and missionary heroes are introduced and blends well with character training.

Standardized testing, using the Stanford Achievement test in the Spring, along with quarterly grades will be used to measure students academic progress.


Pre-School & K4 (3 Year Olds)

Preschool hours: M,W,F  8:15am-11:15am; K4 hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:15am-11:15am

Our program starts children off on the right path to academic and social growth.  It is the ideal transition from home to school.  Our teachers give each child individualized care, which enables students to learn appropriate social skills.  In addition, they are exposed to a vast array of educational activities in a loving atmosphere.


Elementary, Middle School, & High School (K5 - 12th grade)

K5 - 6th grade hours Mon.-Fri. 8:15am-3:30pm; MS/HS hours M-F 8:00am-3:30pm

Our elementary, middle, & high school nurtures the students in a well-rounded environment.  They are taught that hard work brings self-esteem.  They attend a weekly Chapel that emphasizes building character.  After completing high school, students have a solid academic foundation and many fond memories and enriching experiences.

Courses We Offer:

  • Bible
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Math
  • History
  • Science
  • P.E.
  • English/Language Arts
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Penmanship

Other Activities:

  • Weekly Chapels
  • Field Trips
  • Service Projects
  • Class Parties
  • Library Times